Why Shire Agents?

Why Shire Agents Property Management?

Our fresh approach and innovative solutions for landlords, tenants and investment properties are leading the industry to a better way to manage property.

Our office is committed to finding new ways to make the life of our Landlords simpler and easier. To that end we have prepared this document with thorough information to prepare your property for a successful property management experience that is truly tailor made.

The following document contains information and options for you to consider based on your unique situation. We then take your instructions, implement them into our complete property management plan and then execute our unparalleled level of service once your property comes into our professional care.

The Complete Property Management Plan For Your Investment Property

  • Step One Preparation

The preparation of your property for leasing and high quality marketing is the doorway to achieving the best rental price possible. The right preparation ensures that your property is best dressed when it hits the market of available tenants.

The modern approach to property marketing that we use creates energy around your investment property, attracting the best tenants early in the campaign. We believe that every property should have the opportunity to rent for the highest price possible and so every property under our care is presented to the market for maximum impact.

Whether tenant enquiry is sourced on-line or off-line, our office is able to capture those important tenant leads and convert them to inspections at your investment property.

We begin working with tenants, pre-inspection, to educate them on the terms of the lease that is on offer as well as the expectations and obligations that belong to tenants in preparation for a successful tenancy.

After a successful inspection, we seek feedback and drive the opportunity for suitable tenants to submit their application, or offer, in order to get your property rented, sooner. Once those applications are received, our office performs the most stringent of background checks available under the law. 

It is the work we do here, before your property hits the market that sets us apart from any other agent.

  • Step Two Partnership

Once you have selected your preferred tenant, we begin our work, in partnership with you, to create a rewarding experience as an investment property owner.

From our experience, we know that successful property management is the blend of asset, financial, landlord, tenant and crisis event management strategies geared at generating an income for the property owner while appreciating the capital value of an investment property, over time.

  • Landlord Liaison

Access and transparency are at the keystones of our successful track record in building long term relationships with our clients.

We want you to stay connected with your property at a level that is comfortable for you and you can set the level of contact and representation from us that is right for you.

  • Tenant Management

With our office, tenants contribute to the success of their tenancy and we proactively engage tenants with the education and encouragement that they need to participate and enjoy their renting experience.

Co-operation with and consensus from tenants equates to a smoother landlord experience and tenants who feel engaged in their tenancy are much better guardians of an investment property.

  • Asset Management

Proactive asset management, in this context, provides a modern approach to maintenance and repairs that has visibility and accountability for tenants, landlords, trades and Property Managers. Risk, capital, return and compliance sit within this area of practice where our office works to creates profit for you in the appreciating capital value of your asset over time, and also to protect those profits with sound advice and the temperance of risk and return.

  • Financial Management

You can expect simple and easy communication around money matters. Clear and well explained financial procedures and systems take the anxiety out of appointing professional management and builds trust and relationships throughout the property investment journey.

This kit contains an example of a month accounting statement so that you can identify clear levels of income and expense.

We also compile all of your financial documents throughout the year so that they are centralised and ready for the end of financial year.

  • Crisis Management

Sometimes events can occur that are beyond anyone’s control.

While no property manager can control events, we take every step to control the controllable to ensure that the tenancy at your rental property is smooth sailing.

In the event that something does come occur, experience counts. Our professional and measured response in any crisis is the important deliverable you need for peace of mind.

Our property managers are skilled in negotiation and dispute resolution and have specialised training in acute response management for any situation.

  • Step Three Review and Finalise

The end of a tenancy can be a critical time and it is a key indication of the health of a tenancy and our performance as your property managers.

We start the finalisation of a tenancy with a tenant education process and we help to facilitate tenants to fulfill their obligations.

A well guided exit process creates a smooth transition to a new tenancy. A simple and cooperative handover process at the end of a tenancy cuts down on vacancy in between tenancies, so it can get back to being an income property for you soon.

If you are ready for a proactive approach to property management, we would love to talk to you about our fresh ideas and solutions for your investment property.

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